What is a dental Bridge?

A bridge is an ideal treatment to fill the space of a missing tooth or teeth. The appearance of a bridge is similar to a crown but usually has 2 or more teeth on it. A bridge attaches to the tooth beside where you may have a space (missing tooth). The materials used to construct a bridge are the same as with a porcelain–fused-to-metal crown. The inner shell is made from metal to provide strength and the outer shell is covered by a layer of porcelain which gives a natural tooth- like appearance.


Once you and your dentist have decided a bridge is the best treatment option for you, you will be given 2 appointments.

The first appointment will be to prepare the tooth/teeth for the bridge to be fitted over it. This appointment lasts roughly 30 minutes and involves the dentist taking impressions of your mouth as well as slight adjustments being made to the natural teeth. Your dentist will place a temporary bridge over your natural teeth which will protect the teeth until your bespoke bridge can be fitted. We will then send your impressions to a laboratory to allow them to produce your custom made bridge. It takes approximately 2 weeks until it will be returned to your dentist to be fitted.

At your fit appointment, your temporary bridge will be removed. Your permanent bespoke bridge will then be checked for fit and appearance, once you and your dentist are happy it will then be cemented on and fixed into place.

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